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Hi everyone and welcome in our website.

We are Giada and Michelangelo and together we are the "Golden soul". We are strongly connected to                 soul, jazz, and chillout music. 


The use of the loop station is essential during our performances during which we play successions of guitar loops, pads, synths and overlapping voices to get closer to a more electronic world. We also like to play particular sounds with the voice to make it more personal. We both use various types of percussion such as cymbals and shakers. 


Our duo was born in 2020, in the romantic and exclusive atmosphere of cruise ships, to then continue its musical journey, in hotels, resorts and clubs. 


In 2021 the release of our first unpublished "Fuori" takes place. The song extrapolates and denounces an often socially underestimated theme, the reintegration into society of people with psychiatric disorders. 


At the beginning of 2022 we began recording some of our singles in the "chill out" and "ambient music" style, which we have published over the months in a collection called "Suicide". Among these "A night you'll never forget" and "Under the Water". 


In May of the same year we moved to Romania to work as artistic directors in a wonderful resort on the Danube, managing its musical and theatrical side and expanding our experiences also from a managerial point of view. 


Among the shows that we have created and then proposed are "Anema & core - Neapolitan Show",  " Carioca - Brazilian night" and many more.


In September we also participated in "Romanian's Got Talent" passing the auditions with four positive votes. We are waiting for them to call us for the semifinals!








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