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About Giada Napolitano

The voice of Golden Soul Duo

About Giada Napolitano

Born in 1988, she started to sing at five years old and has been self teaching since then, but also
attending many different singing classes in Naples. As a child she participated in
several Italian television programs including “Bravo Bravissimo” and “Canzoni sotto
l'albero” on mediaset networks.

She played live in different formations (piano bar, lounge duo, rock band, jazz trio)
for many years around the south of Italy.
In 2015 she started to perform on MSC cruises line around the world (Europe, USA,
Africa, Arabic Emirates) so she was able to connect with guests and colleagues from
all over the world.

She had played in many different bands over the years, firstly in a party band, then in
a quartet, trio and jazz duo, and acoustic, lounge duo. Performing on MSC Cruises
has given her many opertunities to perform with numerous musicians and acquire a
lot of musical experience.

This work has also allowed her to learn new languages. She speaks in Italian (mother
tongue),but is fluent in English and Spanish. She has some knowledge of Portuguese
and Serbian/Croatian.
She also has experience of being a manager and a leader by holding the profession of
musician's coordinator for many years.

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