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About Golden Soul Duo

Romantic Soul and Accoustic Duo

About Golden Soul Duo

Golden Soul Duo is composed of Giada Napolitano and Michelangelo Casamassima.

In 2021 Michelangelo Casamassima formed an acoustic project called “Golden Soul“, with Giada
Napolitano, playing on the Re-opening of MSC Seaside (luxury cruise ship).
In the same time Golden Soul Duo performs a Napolitan Show called “Anima e Core“.

In 2021 they released their first single, in collaboration with “ Servizio IESA“ for the “una canzone per l’inclusione’s project“.

After a few months Golden Soul Duo participated in the Fidapa event (Federation of women arts, business professions) "Sei bella ", and then releasing their second single unpublished "Favola triste".

In the 2022 Golden Soul Duo collaborates with “Ted“ Production in the opening of them shows:
“Strings“ and “ Sweet“.

Their first single "Fuori" is available on every digital plateform.

Their new single is coming, more chill-out, relax and electric inspirated.

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