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Fuori by Golden Soul Duo

Discover our single "Fuori". Available on all digital platforms ( Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music, YouTube music ).

Fuori by Golden Soul Duo - Giada Napolitano and Michelangelo Casamassima

The single "Fuori" was born out of the need to present a song that deals with the inclusion in society of people suffering from mental/psychological distress.

It was a difficult birth because, like everyone else, we had never thought of identifying ourselves with a condition of totalizing and alienating exclusion.

we hope to raise awareness of the inclusion of people with psychiatric illnesses in society, which is as delicate and abandoned as they are.”

Our intention was to take a critical look, not so much at mental illness, but at a society that is constantly evolving but still stuck in predetermined mental patterns, and which, although very advanced, is still unable to accept this kind of diversity. So we have identified ourselves with an inverted mind and we, the "normal" people, are afraid of it.

We have tried to look at the world through a negative filter, distorting the precepts of rationality.

This is a difficult track, which should be listened to with an open mind. It will take you into the heavy and unexplored atmosphere of mental illness.

The melodies are dark and muffled, the words a punch to the sensibilities. We include in the background an interview with Dr. Basaglia who laid the foundations for Law 180 which forced the closure of asylums in Italy until the establishment of the National Health Service.

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