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PALE MOON - Ready to get lost into the space

Today on all streaming platforms there is our new single “PALE MOON.”

The song in an electronic/chill out key is part of the collection that we started this summer and which bears the name of "Suicide" together with the previous singles "A night you'll never forget", "Fly" and "Under the water.”

“Pale moon is dedicated to all those who breathe music and feel suffocated without it. The moon, omnipresent in the piece, is the music itself, a muse who likes to play hide and seek leaving us without resources in the dark of night, only to reappear when we least expect it in all its splendour.

It's music, a capricious little girl who likes to play hide and seek and who leaves us scared and breathless whenever we don't know where she's gone. The vocalization is an invocation to the muse in the hope that she wants to return.


“For “Pale Moon” we was, starting from a more classic purpose, but in the arrangement phase, arrived insome ideas that changed the initial one. It has a soft and unplugged mood wrapped in a more electronic and

futuristic sound.

The first part of the song consists of very quiet, looped vibes. In the second we tried to create something a little more epic and explosive, without straying from the style that characterizes us.

As for the solo, it is inspired by AL DI MEOLA. In fact, you may notice a quote from “kiss my Axe” in the first lick of the solo.

Due to its characteristics, we strongly advise you to listen to "Pale Moon" with headphones.

"Music, like the moon loves to play hide and seek. Every now and then it goes away taking my breath away with her. But this mischievous muse, I know, like a child, is watching me from a dark corner laughing at my human fear, ready to surprise me with its brilliance again and again." - cit. Giada


Pale moon through the window

She will find you, even in the shadow of your eyes

It's a lifetime waiting

Just to feel, your legs so shaking and fall right now

Don't rush walk down the street, the city seems as empty as your mind is

Feeling so wrong, but she will find you

Look up don't be scared

You're so close, reach out your ends

I did all this to get back into the game, to resume the journey

Every time i roll up my sleeves and i try and i try again

The truth is, we feel in the space when we hear this song.”

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