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"STRINGS" by TED (The Experiment Department)

During our career we have been selected by a theatrical production agency for the opening of one of its shows.

Since we were very impressed by the themes of this wonderful musical, we decided to tell you about our experience

What is "Strings" ?

“Strings” it’s a show based on the love story between a toy maker and his beloved passed away.

A fairy tale about “to letting go” in which the wires of possession will be cut by the main character. Here Eros and Thanatos seem to come out, to fight in his mind and then calm down.

We loved “Strings” because it enchants through fantastic artists, a beautiful soundtrack that ranges between classics and modern songs revisited in a jazz key, without forgetting the play of light that, as in a dance, synchronize perfectly to the story.

There are also fairy atmospheres that like even to the little ones.

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We hope to have been able to make you savor, with the mind, the taste and the delicacy and at the same time the passion of this magical show.

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