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SUI SIDE: The ship that created music

Equip yourself with headphones and a hot tea,because you are about to travel on our ship to a parallel world.

Hi everyone and welcome in this Article where we gonna give you some detail about ourAfter the first singles Chillout, we decide to release "SUI SIDE" our first Album of original songs plus a Cover, composed on the waves of the sea on a cruise ship.

An album full of ambient influences and at the same time soul and funky born from a series of improvisations made during some live sessions.


The idea of ​​"SUI SIDE" was born on a cruise ship, during our work contract as musicians.

All the songs were composed during improvisation, during live sessions, inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the events of recent years. We loved experimenting with new sounds and textures.

I (Michelangelo) started playing a guitar, looped it and started overdubbing synth tracks and electronic beats. Meanwhile Giada wrote thoughts, ideas based on moods influenced by the music created.

Sometimes disasters have come out, other times, a very interesting idea.

We used to record all these experiments with the phone.

Once we landed, we reissued all the recordings (we had a set of seven) and started sorting through the ones that didn't work. Fragments of melodic lines, harmonic structures, interesting solos and phrases.

It so happened that in that period Giada was affected by Covid19, fortunately in a not too aggressive form. so we used the quarantine time to work on the fragments obtained.

Giada started working on her vocal tests and melodies, while I started arranging the structure of the songs..

It was a very interesting and fun.(for Giada a little less, given her state of health))


The ships we were on were called "Seaside". A beautiful cruise ship. That contract, however, was not so "splendid". It was a very tough contract for all the crew members to

such an extent that they started giving the ship a nickname, in a joking way. The most common of all was "SUICIDE".

It was a difficult contract for us too, but at the same time we were inspired by the creation of the album. We couldn't complain. This is how we wanted to pay homage to that ship, or rather that period that allowed us to create "SUI SIDE".


The album was mixed and mastered by Franco Cleopatra, sound engineer of Neapolitan origins, known for having followed the mixes and mastering of Bob Sinclar.

Includes the Gunses's roses’s cover of "Sweet child o'mine" in ambient style, and a tribute to the movie "The Hangover" with the chill funk track entitled "A night you'll never forget". The bonus track entitled "Next lifetime" is also a dedication to the soldiers who fell during the war in Ukraine.


The album cover is highly significant. The artist Leo Cataldo managed perfectly to mirror the state of mind we had while composing our pieces.

In it the dreamlike dimension represented suicide in the form of a crash. In the dream we live a double life in search of what we cannot find in this one, and it is precisely what "SUICIDE" represents for us. The need to keep dreaming and hoping even if reality keeps us firmly on the ground.

Well Guys, we hope you enjoyed this article. Stay updated and subscribe to our newsletter, because we will publish another one regarding the meaning of the Songs in detail .Thanks for your attention. See you soon!

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